A downloadable game for Windows

This puzzle game is about moving a marble through a maze. You can find slides and bridges in your way to the goal. Also you can create your own levels, play them and share them.

This game was made for the "MyFirstGameJam Summer 2019".

Install instructions

Unpack the .rar file, then open MarbleMazeMaker.exe

The level data is stored in the /Assets/Levels/folder.


MMM.rar 59 MB


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Really well made, honestly! You took a very basic concept and made it into a very functional game. I wish you could turn the board diagonally, because sometimes there's blind spots, but I assume it's a limitation.

The level creator works pretty well, I like how you used the textures in order to apply them to any object, including the marble. It's a very smart move. I wish that you could undo actions, zoom in and out, that would make it much easier. Adding some music, any at all would also be great.

Definetly a great effort! It's rare that I see games this ambitious and well put together in this jam. Looking forward for your next one!

Thank you! Your suggestions sound nice, maybe they appear in an update.